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Lessons in Leicester

Walking through Bradgate Park, it’s easy to imagine you’re in Lord of the Rings or another tale featuring scenic journeys across epic landscapes. That’s exactly how I felt trekking up hills and into the historically significant ruins in the beautiful national park.


During my weekend visit, I learned a lot about Leicester and about the UK as a whole. I felt proud and in awe of my friend who ran an incredible 10k in the Race For Life on Sunday morning to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Surrounded by the positive and incredibly supportive atmosphere, I learned that people can really come together to achieve awe-inspiring things and do good.

Here are some other lessons I learned in and about Leicester:

1) Deer are adorable (adeerable?) and there are lots of many types of deer. Some look like bambi, but they’re all very sweet. I’d never seen wild deer before, and the ones in Bradgate Park were pretty brave and let people get quite close. Best experience.13652499_10153780598150954_1265339512_n

2) Leicester has a rich history that they’re very proud of: not only is it the death place and now resting place of King Richard III (whose humble grave we visited), but also importantly linked with prehistoric fossils, the nine-day Queen and – as The New Walk Museum proudly boasts with a floor-wide exhibition – more recently the Leicester Foxes football team winning the Premier League!! The New Walk Museum holds dinosaurs, artwork and even mummies! I remembered my love of ancient Egyptian history reading about the mummified beings kept there. As the museum is relatively small but full of fascinating facts, it’s a great place to visit if you have a few hours to spare.

3) If historical trips and long walks aren’t your thing, there’s plenty of shopping to be done. I think Leicester beat even Cambridge in having the biggest range of shops in one town. Aside from your usual large-chain clothing stores, they had a Forbidden Planet Store (which, as a giant geek, always pleases me) and several quirky boutique shops that I’m usually disappointed at the lack of in other towns. I managed to get a cool punk-Alice-in-Wonderland shirt and 50s style aqua dress that I’d never seen elsewhere.

4) Veggie buffet restaraunts are a thing. Thank you, Mirch Masala. You were delicious. http://www.mirch-masala.co.uk/menu_categories/menus/

So bottom line: visit Leicester! It’s a fantastic town with a lot to teach about history, a lovely countryside and plenty to do.


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