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Days out in London: ZSL London Zoo.

When talking about things to do in London – how can you not mention ZSL London Zoo?

In February, I visited ZSL London Zoo for the second time. Seizing the chance for some photography practice, I thoroughly enjoyed it:


A beautiful array of creatures are at London zoo. We managed to catch the Coati display show which was small but very cool! The nice thing about this show was that it wasn’t the most popular and so you got a good view of the Coatis jumping amongst the trees.

The main disappointment about the zoo is how busy it is. We went on a weekday and it was packed very early on in the morning. I’m not particularly tall and couldn’t even get close enough to some animals to see them (e.g. the Gorillas) so for children it must be a struggle sometimes, unless someone gives them a boost! However, it’s London so what do I expect?!


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