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The beauty of Switzerland

As a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, we stayed with my family in their friend’s apartment in a mountain village in Switzerland.

As it was late August, the weather was glorious for the first week but became quite stormy – quite a terrifying thing when lightning strikes mere feet away from you!

It is by far the most breathtaking place I have ever been. These are just two sections of our view from the balcony:

IMG_1489  SWZ 2013 - lower mountain

We could take the cable cars up to the top of the mountain, where a ski slope trail started. I’m terrified of heights and so wasn’t a fan of the cable cars, but was so glad I braved them to see these incredible views!

View from the mountain

From the balcony in our apartment we could see cows on the opposite hillside. There were also plenty high up on the mountain.

As for things to do, there was a little play area for children as well as crazy golf in the very small village we were in as well as a small corner shop and patisserie. All the buildings were wooden, so it made for a very picturesque place. Further along the tram route, there was a slightly bigger village with a pharmacy and a few shops.

Being a huge fan of the band Queen, I was super excited to go to Lake Geneva in Montreux and see the statue of Freddie Mercury which overlooks the lake in all its glory. I wasn’t disappointed!


Many people came up to the statue and laid flowers; it was wonderful to see such shared adoration.

The area around the lake itself was wonderful. Further up, there was a swimming area where you can swim in the lake, or just sit and eat ice-cream on ‘pool-side.’ I was glad for the warm weather on that day!

As we had young children with us, we visited a maze trail and activity area park. Trying to navigate the maze was good fun, and we split up into pairs so as to have a competition of who could reach the exit the quickest. It was also very active, where you had to climb up structures to reach the next part of the maze and so on. Outside the edges of the maze were an arcade, an old-style penny arcade and various inflatables. My favourite were the human sized hamster balls, though I nearly accidentally fell on my cousin!

I really hope to return to Switzerland – it will be one of the places on my upcoming bucket list. I doubt I’ll get to stay in such a swanky area as we did before, but it would be exciting to be able to explore more of the country and navigate using trains and trams instead of a car. Switzerland also hosts the annual Freddie Mercury birthday celebrations, which I’d absolutely love to go to and celebrate his life with people from around the world.


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