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3 lesser-known places to eat in London

1 – Taro’s
(Japanese Food)

Address: 10, Old Compton Street, London, W1.

Go there for: The delicious food!

This is somewhere we visit regularly when in London, and have occasionally travelled to London just to eat here!

Taro’s has a delicious Japanese menu – with bento boxes, ramen and lots more. There is a fair selection of vegetarian options as well as a range of meat dishes.

My personal recommendation is the tofu bento box; the tofu is cooked perfectly! Also try out the Ramune drink – it’s  a very sweet Japanese lemonade drink in a novelty glass bottle.

At street level there is a sushi bar and under street level is the restaurant area with wooden benches.  You eat with chopsticks. On the walls are fans decorated with kanji.

The staff are always polite, although not overly chatty.

2 – Sagar
(Vegetarian South Indian Food)

Address: 17a Percy Street, London, W1T 1DU.

Go there for: The vegetarian and vegan menu.

A charming little restaurant near to Tottenham Court Road, with a brilliant selection of both vegetarian and vegan options. Meat eaters – fear not! I’ve been with plenty to Sagar and they’ve all loved the range of food. They can usually seat quite a large group, despite the restaurant itself being fairly small.

There’s an option for a selection of small ‘sample’ bowls of different dishes if you can’t choose. Note that even the mild dishes have quite a kick.

There is also the unusual chance to have a lentil-based pizza, something I’m excited to try when I return to Sagar! Again, the staff are polite and friendly.

3- Katzenjammers
(German Food) 

Address: The Hop Exchange, 24 Southwark Street, London SE1 1TY.

Go there for: The German theme/atmosphere and beer.

(Warning: although we found this to be a quiet place to eat on a Saturday, there are plenty of claims that on a Friday night it’s really busy and noisy. If that’s for you, then great!)

Our experience on a Saturday at Katzenjammers was lovely – the staff were very polite and the food was generous in portion. It was also pretty cheap – bonus!

I’ve read reviews where people were surprised by having to pay for their food before it being bought out. We actually didn’t have this experience, but I have come across other pubs/restaurants which do this.

Like Taro’s, the restaurant is below street level and has wooden benches; which lends itself to the German atmosphere. The staff are all in traditional Bavarian wear and the range of German spiels is great. The spiels are certainly of a size to goggle at!

My only disappointment was that there were only 2 main vegetarian options – both of which were very similar, but tasty.


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